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PCxx Dental Fluorides

Features and benefits of PCxx ™ Premium Dental Fluorides

Not all fluorides are the same.  Our pricing is competitive; yet there is no better fluoride as measured by quality of ingredients, formulation, fluoride uptake, flavour, and manufacturer's warranty. 

PCxx Fluorides are manufactured with the best quality  ingredients to ensure freshness, and high performance fluoride uptake. 

PCxx products have the highest rate of patient acceptance. Patients prefer PCxx dental fluorides for taste and consistency.  Those who try it say that there is no fluoride after-taste, even with our no-flavour version. 

Our gels give you a true thixotropic gel formulation.  It's surface active agents spread onto and adhere to tooth enamel, and quickly get into inter-proximal spaces.

Our gel formulations won't leak out of the dental tray, possibly causing discomfort, gagging, or accidental ingestion.

You get the widest choice of flavours available: 14 One Minute Gels, 7  Neutral Gels, 9 APF Foams, plus one of the most popular Neutral No-Flavour gels in the market.  

We constantly strive to be the best through ongoing research and product development, and by carefully listening to patients, hygienists, dentists, and specialists.

Our Foam is smooth and stable in the tray, allowing time for the hygienist to comfortably work with and set up the patient for fluoride treatment. Our Foam coats out and quickly spreads over tooth enamel, getting into inter-proximal spaces.

Our In-office Rinse Kits come in a dual rinse system offering Stannous + Sodium Fluoride,  as well as a Neutral Fluoride formulation.  All of our rinse kits are formulated to be mild and gentle, and have excellent patient acceptance.

We have a full refund guarantee for all of our products.  If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the performance, flavor or any aspect of our PCxx™ Premium Fluorides, we will either replace the product at no charge, or provide a full refund. 

The business case for using the best available premium fluorides is that  the cost of the actual fluoride per treatment is relatively insignificant compared to the potential returns from higher patient satisfaction. It can pay to prescribe a premium fluoride.

PCxx™ products are available from from most dental dealers in Canada and the United States, just ask your local Dental Sales Representative.


PCxx  Premium Dental Fluorides

Formulated with the best ingredients and True Natural Flavours © for the best clinical performance and the greatest patient acceptance. 


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