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MERCON Safety & Decontamination Solutions

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Simply and effectively clean up sites, buildings and equipment, wet or standing water environments.



Mercon - X™ 


For building and ground clean-up. Proprietary mercury vapour suppressant, dispersal and decontamination liquid concentrate.  Mercury vapour emission is stopped, and kept down during and after the decontamination process.


Proven effective in building, industrial facility and site clean up, including  entrained Hg in oil and gas process equipment, and production platforms.  For more information on the use of Mercon-X to control mercury and mercury vapour in oilfield service and environmental clean-clean up applications contact, Mercon Customer Services.



May be safely sprayed or washed over mercury contaminated equipment, production platforms, building surfaces and soil.  Use full strength on mercury "hot-spots" and dilute with water 2:1 for economical remediation of larger areas. 


Available in:

  • 20 litre (5.28 gal)   Item # 20-MX-20L

  • 170.3 litre (45 gal)   Item # 20-MX-B






For wet or standing water environments. Designed to prevent the release of mercury vapor from waste traps, collection systems, drains and stand pipes.  Sustained release solution cleans and coats the interior of waste water systems, releasing the active ingredients when mercury is present to stop the formation of mercury vapor.  Helps to prevent release of the highly toxic, organic forms of mercury into the environment.



Industrial plants, refineries, mining and ore-processing sites, research facilities or anywhere mercury may find its way into waste water collection pipes, traps, waste ponds and fields, or other drainage systems.  Where there is a regular flow of waste water, which might be contaminated with mercury - regular application of this sustained-release solution is recommended, with frequent mercury vapour readings being taken by a qualified professional. 


Available in:

  • 4 litre (1.056 gal)  Item # 20-EVAC-4L

  • 20 litre (5.28 gal)  Item # 20-EVAC-20L

  • 170.3 litre (45gal) Item # 20-EVAC-B




For Mercury vapour emission hot spots.  Highly-concentrated, liquid formulation cleans and coats surfaces, penetrates cracks and hard-to-get at areas where mercury may have been spilled.  The solution acts quickly to reduce mercury vapour levels.  Use full strength to clean and decontaminate mercury spills, and "hot-spots".  No-mixing required. 



Surface and equipment mercury decontamination. 

Designed to clean up heavy concentrations of spilled mercury.


Available in:

  • 250 ml (8 oz)  Item # 20-MVAP-250

  • 475 ml  (16 oz)  Item # 20-MVAP-475

  • 20 litre (5.28 gal) Item # 20-MVAP-20L

Suggested Mercury Clean-up Procedure


Mercon TM solutions work:


Mercon ™ products do not contain any hazardous materials.   The solutions work in 3 ways to eliminate and/or significantly reduce the environmental impact of mercury:


First, when sprayed or washed on mercury and/or mercury-contaminated surfaces, immediately the emission of mercury vapour stops; likewise mercury-rich materials in soil, water, building, equipment and pipeline surfaces will stop emitting vapour.


Second, during the agitation, washing or pumping processes involved with clean-up, the mercury debris or droplets of mercury are attracted to and stay in contact with and react with the  active ingredients in Mercon™  solutions.


Third, there is a longer-term reaction with the surfaces of the mercury or mercury-rich materials which prevents vapour emission until finally; all of the mercury is converted to an insoluble, stable compound (its original stable state as found in nature).  


Mercon™ solutions offer a cost-effective means for cleaning up mercury-contaminated sites, pipelines, pumping equipment, buildings, drilling platforms and industrial plants.   Designed to work as a reliable clean-up technology for remediation contractors, oil and gas process equipment and platforms, maintenance crews and clean-up specialists, Mercon™ is easy to apply.


Mercon™ has been used successfully by major corporations, government agencies, and remediation specialists world-wide for over 15 years


CAUTION: Results may vary and depend on site conditions and other factors  particular to each clean-up situation.  Always consult with a qualified environmental clean-up professional prior to, during and after clean-up to ensure that all work safety and environmental standards are being met by your project.  Ross Healthcare Inc. is not the final user, applicator or contractor using any Mercon™ products and is not responsible for the application, field performance or any results from the use, application of any of its products or information; and does not offer any warranties regarding the use of its products by others.  Users, applicators and contractors must rely on their own tests, procedures and on-site assessments to ensure that their use of Mercon™ products is safe, legal and meets their performance products. 


Having said all of this, Mercon ™ products have been used successfully for over 25 years without incident, adverse reports of claims of any kind.


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